Zhao Shao’Ang


Artist: Zhao Shao’Ang
Title: Plum and Bird
Medium: Watercolor
Ground: Paper
Size: 118 x 53.5 cm
Year: 1952
ID#: ZSA-001
Signature: Lower right
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Artist Biography:

Zhao ShaoAng studied painting at the Gao Qifeng Private College of Art. He taught at the Foshan College of Fine Arts in 1927. In 1930, he founded the Lingnan Art Studio in Guangzhou. In 1937, he served as the head of the Department of Chinese Painting at the Guangzhou Municipal College of Fine Arts. In 1948, he was appointed a professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Guangzhou University. Later in the year, Zhao moved and settled in Hong Kong. There he founded the “Lingnan Art Studio” to teach Chinese paintings. He was inspired by Gao Qifeng in his early years. He excels in painting landscape, animal, flower, insect and fish, and is particularly noted for painting cicada.