Yutaka Ohashi


Artist: Yutaka Ohashi
Title: Flight #2
Medium: Oil
Ground: Canvas
Size: 100 x 125.7 cm
Year: 1973
Signature: Lowe left
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Artist Biography:

Yutaka Ohashi was born on August 19, 1923, in Hiroshima. During World War II, he attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts for three years, studying under painter Gen’ichirō Inokuma. Precipitated by expanding postwar communication between Japan and the United States, Ohashi continued his studies in Boston at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (1950–55).

Ohashi was known for paintings that integrated the restrained, purposeful act of collage, adding texture and changing registers of density to large, encompassing abstract forms. He added semitransparent layers of rice paper to the foreground of his paintings and, at times, partly obscured the rice paper with layers of oil paint. This technique, combined with large swaths of negative space and occasional highlights in gold leaf, contributes to fluctuating perceptions of space within Ohashi’s compositions.