Wu Guanzhong


Artist: Wu Guanzhong
Title: Untitled
Medium: Lithograph
Ground: Paper
Size: 80 x 68 cm
Edition Number: 92/99
Signature: Hand signed
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Artist Biography:

Born in Jiangsu Province. Wu Guanzhong’s training in Western art began at Hangzhou Academy of Arts in 1936 under Lin Fengmian.  After graduating in 1942, he took up a teaching position at the Ministry of Education.  He then traveled to France and during the next four years studied oil painting under Professor J.M. Souverable at the The école Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts and A. L’Hote and L’Frieze studios.  He also studied art history at the L’école du Louvre.

After returning to China from France in 1950, Wu Guanzhong taught at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Art Institute.  Currently, he is a professor at Central Academy of Arts and Design.  He has painted in Oil since 1950, even during the Cultural Revolution.

His international fame is evidenced by two recent exhibitions of his Oil paintings – the 1989-1990 Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco’s “Wu Guanzhong : A Contemporary Chinese Artist” and “Wu Guanzhong,A Twentieth-Century Chinese Painter,” held at the British Museum in London in 1993.  In 1995,the Hong Kong Art Museum held lectures and exhibitions about the artist and his work.