Wang Jiqian


Artist: Wang Jiqian
Title: Untitled
Medium: Watercolor
Ground: Paper
Size: 48 x 62 cm
Year: 1986
ID#: WJ-001
Signature: Lower right
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Artist Biography:

C.C. Wang was born in Wu County, Jiangsu Province, China on February 14, 1907 and died in New York City on July 3, 2003. He had several acceptable spellings of his name in Roman characters: Wang Chi-Chien, Wang Chi-Chuan, and Wang Jiqian. Since 1949, he has lived in New York City. He is best known for his subject matter of mountain landscapes in China and calligraphy in ink and watercolor on rice paper. Scholars of Asian art would describe his style as abstraction and linked to the Chinese Modern Literati School, which is 20th-century expression of a five-thousand year tradition of Chinese painting and a direct result of the Cultural Revolution in China.