Wang Guangyi

born 1957

Artist: Wang Guangyi
Title: The Belief
Size: 50.2 x 63 cm
Year: 2006
Edition Number: 197 /199
Signature: Hand signed
Observation: Six works as same edition.
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Artist: Wang Guangyi
Title: Swatch (Sold)
Medium: Acrylic
Ground: Canvas
Size: 60.33 x 69.85 cm
Year: 2004
Signature: base
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Artist Biography:

Wang Guangyi (in Chinese:王广义, born 1957) is a Chinese artist. He is known as a leader of the new art movement that started in China after 1989, and for his Great Criticism series of paintings which use images of propaganda from the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976) and contemporary brand names from western advertising.