Shen Qin

born 1958

Artist: Shen Qin
Title: Twilight Field
Medium: Ink
Ground: Paper
Size: 42 x 136 cm
ID#: SQ-001
Signature: Lower right
Observation: Ink and Color on Paper with one Seal
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Artist Biography:

Shen Qin was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. He is presently a national first-level art instructor at the Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute.¬†Shen Qin’s paintings imbue viewers with a sense of subtlety and tranquillity. His monochromatic compositions take advantage of the thin, translucent, and lyrical qualities of black ink, combining layer upon layer of dilute ink with distinct lines to form spaces that bridge reality and illusion. The spaces he creates with these lines and planes are rich in abstract beauty. Compared to many works in ink wash, Shen’s heavy layers of ink lend his paintings an aura of greater mystery and profundity. This present work uses the depiction of narrow lanes, distant mountains, poplar trees, and open space to express the tranquillity of a mountain village. The negative space in the composition sends our eyes to the depths and distance at the centre of the canvas.